Modern Prairie

In the Modern Prairie style, several contemporary elements are at play. The roof is comprised of several very low-sloping hip forms, or flat roofs, at varying plate heights, with deep overhangs and substantial fascias. The corner glass elements become towers of glass, emphasizing the relationship between mass and void. The massing emphasizes horizontal lines with the substantial fascias, horizontal window bands, and low landscape walls. L-shaped and rectilinear massing, horizontal stained wood siding, and horizontal railing details compliment this style.


• A Celebration of Mass and Void
• Low or Flat Roof Forms
• Substantial Roof Overhangs
• Large Window Groupings, Bands of High Glass, and Large Corner Glass Elements
• Sleek, Black Window Cladding with Horizontal Mullion Patterns
• Brick or Stone, Stucco and Stained Wood Siding Exterior
• Out-Reaching Landscape Walls