The Victorian Style began in England under the reign of Queen Victoria. The architectural style came to America in the 1830’s and was very popular in the new mining towns as a way of displaying success and opulence. Known for its decorative detailing, the Victorian Style has steep pitched roof forms, wood lap siding, stone or brick wainscotting, large, open porches with spindlework, second story balconies, decorative frieze details, and wooden brackets. A “Widow’s Walk” may be located on the roof.


•Generous Front Porches
•Second-Story Balconies
•Additive Forms
•Bay Windows
•Tall, Single-Hung Windows
•Decorative Dentils at Frieze Board
•Porch Columns with Spindlework
•Gable End Trusses
•Dormers or Widow’s Walk