English Cottage

Today, these style of homes are often thought of as a vacation or secondary home in the upper Northeast. But in the past, English Cottages were known to be rustic, but efficient and functional homes.

Their movement began out of the Picturesque architectural movement building up from the England and European Country sides in the 1700’s.  The name “Cottage” originated from the peasants named “Cotters” who typically lived in these small homes in exchange for working in the farmland belonging to the landlord.  Often pictured in a fairy style setting with an array of flowers and shrubbery in an English garden and small villages, these cottages were made with local material and resources.  Sometimes, harvested straw was applied to roofs for insulation, which also added to the homes’ rustic characteristic.       


Irregular shaped rooms

Half round entry doors

Mainly one story design

Steep pitched roofs

Oversized chimney

straw covered roof

Boxed Windows with greenery and flowers