English Cottage

The English Cottage style originated from the Picturesque architectural movement happening in the English and European Countrysides in the 1700’s. The name “Cottage” originated from the peasants, named “Cotters,” who typically lived in these modest homes in exchange for working on the farmland belonging to the landlord. These cottages were made with local material and resources. Sometimes, harvested straw was applied to roofs for insulation, which also added to the homes’ rustic characteristic. Today, the English Cottage Style maintains the charm and picturesque qualities of the original English style, but has evolved into more elaborate homes.


• Primarily Stone with Wood and Stucco Accent Siding
• Steep Roof Pitches
• Hip and Gable Roof Forms
• Gable Eave Returns
• Half Round Entry Doors
• Rustic Shutters
• Oversized Chimneys
• Irregular Shaped Rooms
• Boxed Windows with Greenery and Flowers