Craftsman Style

Information During the early 20th century, the Arts and Crafts movement was born. This movement focused on comfort and utility through the use of natural materials and lack of pretension. Developing from this movement was the Craftsman style of architecture. on Style

Craftsman style is mostly known for low-pitched roofs with deep eaves and exposed rafter tails. Decorative details such as brackets and corbels are also commonly found with this style. Other features that are typically found in the Craftsman style are large covered front porches with tapered columns. The Craftsman style found its way to southern California by architectural brother’s Charles and Henry Greene. They are famously known for the “Gamble House” which was constructed in 1908. The Craftsman style can be confused with the Bungalow form. Bungalows are typically one to one-and-a-half stories tall that incorporate a lot of the Craftsman elements. Most craftsman style homes are bungalows, but not all bungalows are craftsman style.


Clipped Gabels

Deep eaves with exposed rafters

Low-pitch roofs

Divided upper window lights

Decorative brackets and corbels

Large porch columns

False half-timbering

Knee braces at eaves