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Why You Should Hire an Architect
Godden | Sudik Architects - February 12, 2019

Why should you hire an architect? Until you have been down in the thick of a building project, you probably don’t understand what a maze it is. There are so many rules, regulations, laws, design decisions, contractors and so forth, that it is extremely difficult for someone not actively in the industry to navigate the waters. This is where the architect enters. The architect is the one professional who has the proper education, training, experience and insight to be your guide and advocate through the design and construction process. An architect is going to help everything from defining what you want to build to getting you the most out of your construction dollar. Architects don’t just design four walls, a roof and make things look pretty, they create spaces that work for their clients, satisfying both functional needs as well as creating exciting and dynamic spaces to work and live in. Seeing the whole picture and coordinating with all other contractors is what architects are trained to do. Architects are going to help you achieve a well-designed project which meets your goals, needs and works with your budget. Architects often have extensive relationships with other industry professionals, which will come in handy for navigating to the best people and deals. So, if you are considering building a home or anything else, hire an architect, listen to them, and let them guide you through this exciting process.