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Housing Attainability: Residential Design Strategies to Keep Costs Down
Godden | Sudik Architects - January 31, 2020
Our very own Paul Brady discusses architectural design strategies for homes like split-levels, kitchen enhancements, and cutting cost on materials at this year’s IBS Attainability Panel.

With home prices and costs rising, residential attainability is one of today’s most talked-about issues in our industry. In this session, three forward-thinking residential architects and a leading housing product research expert will explore the different sides of attainable housing and design strategies for meeting current and future needs.

Using projects from around the country, the panel will highlight lessons learned, as well as share approaches and techniques for keeping costs down while designing a home people want (and can afford). You’ll explore a range of housing types, including when to do a two- versus three-story townhome, how to make a micro-home work within zoning rules and how changing elevation styles can help improve consumer appeal.

What You’ll Learn

– Discover great examples of successful attainable housing projects from around the country and learn the how and why behind them.

– Gain insight into technology trends, simple design strategies and effective changes you can incorporate into your design process.

– Identify new trends and elevation styles that will help you keep the costs down while appealing to the HGTV customer.