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The 2020 Consumer Electronics Show
Godden | Sudik Architects - June 3, 2020

With the dawn of a new decade, comes a new Consumer Electronics Show, or CES. The annual CES means new gadgets that continue to push the boundary of what a home can be. While CES has a vast selection of new products, the standouts this year showcase sustainability, conservation, and efficiency. One of the top products revealed was the Smart Water Assistant. Equipped with WiFi capabilities, it grants the user the ability to track water usage to the individual appliance via an app. In a state like Colorado where water usage remains a contentious issue, these smart assistants provide great potential to help mitigate water waste and keep users informed about how we use, and how we can conserve our water.

Sustainability in Home Design

Phyn Smart Water Assistant

The issue of sustainability was also at the forefront of GE and LG’s new designs. GE revealed plans for a project they are working on known as Home Grown which would allow consumers to grow, manage, and store their own produce using hydroponics, aeroponics, and classic soil. The user interface gives the users guides on starting their plants from seeds, to recipes when it’s ready to harvest, making the process more intuitive and efficient. LG also released the Harvester (price and availability TBD), which is designed as an easier and more efficient way of growing herbs and small vegetables in your own home. This high tech, the gardening specific fridge is installed next to your regular refrigerator with controls to specify the amounts of light, water, and temperature. An accompanying app allows the user to monitor your garden from anywhere and can send gardening tips and tricks to your phone.

Home Appliances That Save Time and Water

LG ThinQ Front Load AI Washing Machine

LG also released a new artificially intelligent clothing washer with smart capabilities (price and availability TBD). The AI within the units come with the capability to detect the weight, volume, and fabric type, allowing it to program the best temperature and time per cycle. The smart capabilities also come equipped with the ability to connect with Alexa so that when the machine starts running low on detergent it can automatically use your Amazon Dash account to order more.

LG’s Harvester

From smart and efficient appliances to new and sustainable ways to update or build houses, the 2020 Consumer Electronic Show demonstrated the future of our homes.