Townhome communities are redefining urban living with bold and unique amenities
Godden | Sudik Architects - October 12, 2020

Urban living is becoming more desirable and more attractive. Townhome communities are looking to redefine the urban living experience with brand new unique amenities. New townhome communities are popping up everywhere because people are wanting to downsize, or enjoy the idea of low outdoor maintenance, or the idea of having many neighbors to socialize with. ..

Placemaking – An Architectural Essay
Godden | Sudik Architects - October 19, 2020

Our very own Lily Wenbao shares her perspective on placemaking in architecture. To make a place a Place Lily Wenbao “…Not every “place” (with a lowercase p) is a “Place” (with a capital P). More specifically, not every “place” in the city is so important to the public health, safety, and welfare that the city ..