Pioneer Log

Early settlers from 1858 through 1930 constructed their homes in the forested parts of the state creating the pioneer log style. Pioneer log, not to be confused with the Rustic style log buildings that were being built around 1905, were generally located in or near mountainous regions.

Commonly used building materials include round logs, hewn logs, or factory waste (raw wood boards). They are placed in alternating layers and slotted in the corners to fit together. Any remaining space on the wall is filled with wet moss or clay, animal hair or straw, stone or wooden strips. The roof adopts a round wooden gable frame at each end, with the main roof built with canvas, mud, shingles, wooden boards, metal plates or branches.  


Log Construction

Round Logs, Hewn Logs, or Rough Milled

Notched Corners

Simple Construction Techniques

Gabled Roof