Colonial Revival

Colorado is home to three Colonial Revival buildings types that follow the 18th century Georgian and Federal style. In Denver, there are plenty of historic examples such as the First Baptist Church that was inspired by a Wren New England church, and the famous Fleming House that follows the late Queen Anne style. Homes with simple gables and colonial elements are also scattered throughout Denver and the state.

Colonial Revival’s most common characteristics are found primarily in residence, churches and hotels. Its key architectural features are very simple forms with few colonial details consisting of brick, broken pediments, eight-over-eight sash windows, fanlights, sidelights, and shutters. Colonial Revival details can share similarities with Victorian, Post Victorian, and Neo-Classical architecture as seen in the Fleming house in Denver with its classical portico placement. However, Colonial Revival avoids the use of complicated asymmetrical shapes, Roman details and steep rooflines. Residence’s that demonstrate Colonial Revival elements are to be labeled as Colonial Revival architecture to avoid confusion  

A Two story colonial revival house made from brick
Two story colonial style home with shutters


Broken Pediments

Eight-over-eight sash windows


Fluted, Doric and Corinthian Columns


Dormers or Eyebrow Dormers